Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Everybody knows that smoking is hazardous to individual’s health. This applies to the person who smokes, as well as the people around him(her). Most people agree that for the sake of public health, it is vitally important for all smokers to stop smoking.

As a matter of fact, every smoker is aware of how dangerous smoking is, and most of them have the desire to quit. However, anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows how hard it can be, since they are addicted to the nicotine, it is nearly impossible to quit by themselves. Conventional medicine has developed all kind of programs, such as group counseling, hypnosis, nicotine patches/chewing gum, etc. in order to help people stop smoking, but all these techniques offer only limited success.

Fortunately, acupuncture has proven to be a viable alternative. It is recommended by the World Health Organization. Worldwide research reveals that acupuncture is very effective in treating various addictions, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Public surveys also reveal that compared with other modern approaches, acupuncture is the most comfortable, safe, and economical way to solve the problem. There is a 70-90% success rate by using acupuncture to treat people who want to quit smoking, much higher than any previously used techniques.

How acupuncture can help?

Some of the largest stumbling blocks to becoming smoke-free are the stress, anxiety and depression associated with quitting. Fortunately, acupuncture treatment is quite successful at calming and relaxing the mind, reducing anxiety and alleviating depression feeling. Acupuncture works by placing thin needles at specific points over the body. This will stimulate blood flow, therefore increasing the amount of oxygen that is delivered around your body and the number of toxins that are flushed out. Specific acupoints in the ear and wrist are used to help suppress your appetite, stimulate repair and healing of organ systems, and reduce food and nicotine cravings. The procedure helps relax the mind and releases endorphins in the body. These endorphins will give you an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and will block out any of the negative feelings associated with withdrawal symptoms.

The acupuncture stop-smoking-program consists of a series of outpatient treatments. In general, 6 consecutive visits are the most ideal set-up. Many people have stopped smoking right after the first or second acupuncture treatment. However, that does not mean that you have completely quit. The body needs more adjustment to maintain a nicotine-free daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to complete your individual program to achieve this profound change inside the body.


  • Eat balanced, healthy meals with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water.
  • Manage your cravings and habit by distract yourself. They will actually fade within a few minutes,
  • Refrain from sugar, which can cause further sugar cravings and unwanted weight gain.
  • Avoid spending time with other smokers, or anything associated with cigarette.